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I have four full frame bodies, all Nikons: a D700, an F5, an F80 and F801. The F5 was my favourite film body, but was supplanted by the D700. I chose the D700 because it delivers very good image quality a more compact body than a D3 (or, now a D4 or D5), and was a fraction the price of the other higher MP bodies. I'm not planning an upgrade any time soon as it does what I need to comfortably and I'm not a fan of upgrading for the sake of it.

I am consdering a more compact travel camera, probably something mirroless in either APS or micro 4/3rds format. If I could get anything for them, I'd contemplate selling the F80 and maybe even the F5, but I could never bring myself to part with my F801, as it was a twenty-first birthday present and got me started in photography.


My lens lineup consists of AFS 17-35mm f2.8, AF 60mm f2.8 Micro, AF 80-200mm f2.8, AF 200mm f4 Micro, AFS 300mm f4 and the TC14EII and TC17EII. The most recent addition is the 200mm f4 Micro. I've been experimenting with close up and macro photography and it's something I'd like to do more of, and there are now a few images of sufficient quality to publish on the site. I traded in my AF 24mm f2.8 on the 17-35mm and my old AF 300mm f4 on the AFS version (and replaced the tripod collar with the Kirk version). I bought the TC14EII and TC17EII to complement the 300mm for my trip to Antarctica. My oldest lenses are the AF 60mm Micro f2.8 and AF80-200mm f2.8. The 80-200mm is still one of my favourites, but the 17-35mm and 200mm Micro give it a run for its money.


I switched from an Arca Swiss B1 head with a Really Right Stuff B2PROII clamp to an Acratech GP head for my most recent trip to Tasmania to save weight. I found the Acratech a pleasure to use and saw no loss of stability for my camera & lens combinations. I use a Gitzo 3540LS with a Kirk FP-300 top plate. My camera bodies have L brackets from Kirk, which make vertical format shots a breeze.

Digital Darkroom

I run Capture NX2, Photoshop CS3 and the Nik Software suite (Viveza, Silver Efex etc) on a Dell Latitude E7450 running a core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM. As my PC is a laptop, I've got it hooked up to a Dell U2711 flat panel via a DVI connection. The monitor is profiled using Pantone's OptiCAL and Spyder.

Film & filters

Pretty well now an anachronism. I've still got loads of transparencies filed away, and there's probably even a few rolls of Velvia still floating around somewhere. Not that there's anywere left to process them ...

I use Lee filters. I have a couple of grad NDs and a circular polariser, although I use the polariser lot less now than I used to.